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Bi-fold doors
Premium Aluminium Bi-fold Doors 

Versatile and visually stunning, bi-fold doors can transform any room.

As one of the most sought after home improvements, they bring the outdoors inside making any living spave feel bright, airy and spacious.

Innovative engineering, clever hardware and bespoke manufacturing will ensure you take delivery of a well thought out, perfect bi-folding door.


Bi-fold doors are a stunning feature in any home & will greatly increase the levels of daylight entering the room. Open or closed, they make any room look and feel larger.

Low Maintenance

Bi-fold doors require very little upkeep, requiring low to no-maintenance other than being left clean.

Flexible Configurations

When fully open, bi-fold doors are really compact. Regardless of whether they stack to the right or left, inside or out, they take up very little space.

FREE Nationwide Delivery

Manufactured in 7 Days

20 Year Warranty

3 Panel Door


Max width 3300mm

4 Panel Door


Max width 4400mm

Prices inc VAT 

Prices Include argon sealed units

Bi-fold door example
Bi-fold door example
Bi-fold door example
Bi-fold door example